Take time for gratitude

This is the week in the United States that we have an annual tradition. In this week, Thursday is named Thanks-Giving-Day.   Sometimes I fear that it has actually gotten co-opted into Turkey Eating Day or Preparation to Shop Tomorrow Day, or has a become just a convenient Day Off when we tend to eat too much.  But today, I’ll put aside some of my disappointments about the world at large and  choose to take time to sit with my gratefulness. Continue reading

Take time to receive the mysteries

Today is an auspicious day. 11/11/11.  The “ones” apparently have some esoteric significance. At least that’s what I learned from a friend’s email describing how the grid of the earth would be shifting today, and that new light would be entering to cleanse and to heal.  I don’t have to believe any of it,  I can entertain the possibility that certain moments of the day, week, year, millennium are when certain energies can converge––energies we may neither feel nor understand.    If that is so, I want to take advantage of it.  I want to be available to whatever healing energies might be around, for whatever reason.

And so I took the time to receive. Continue reading

Take time for rage

You heard me!  Take time for rage and all the other human emotions wanting to be expressed. Wildly, loudly, shamelessly, and with the right people in the right space.  It’s good for your health and well being.

I am a very positive person.  I have a good attitude. This does not mean that there is no space in my life for my rage nor for yours.   Continue reading