When the lights go out…

On Saturday, October 30, 2011 the lights went out. Yes, it was that Northeaster which blacked out my entire town of 17,000 and every surrounding community in Western Massachusetts. And blanketed the area with broken tree limbs and fallen wires. My home was dark for 5 days.   I write this on the 6th day, knowing that a small percentage of the population are still waiting for relief.

With the lights went the heat, the computer, the stove, the refrigerators, the TV and the phone. Continue reading

When the nest empties…

How do the mothers and fathers whose last child has left for college face this new emptiness? What do they do with this newly available time?   How do  they replace the emotional benefits of being on-site Moms and Dads with alternative sources of nourishment for themselves?

Yes, there’s more time for you!  But how to face the void?  How to stay conscious…and creative? Continue reading

What next?

This is the question that inaugurates the Take Time for You home page.    It’s a good question to “take time” with.  While I would also add the question, “what now?” I notice that today’s arrival of Seth Godin’s unique blog also talks about using this question (and I’ll suggest either of these questions) as a focus for your consideration.  As he proposes, we are beyond the times when parents or bosses or authorities or even clients can answer that for us and into the era when our individual choices need to be driving our way in the world.    Take time with the question!

If you’re not willing to face the abyss of choice, you will almost certainly not spend enough time dancing with opportunity.  Seth Godin