Time for Buddy Holly

One of the things I now notice I am taking time for is nourishing myself with things I have wanted to do for a long while.  The Majestic Theatre‘s local production of The Buddy Holly Story was one of those things.  After inaugurating the opening of the Majestic 15 years ago, this show has been revived several times to enthusiastic and lengthy runs. Each previous time, I thought, “I just don’t have the energy.”   This time I said:  “I’m going!” Even better, a friend went with me.

I was in college when he died 52 years ago. Continue reading

Older and happier?

I’m of the age (71) that I’m trying to think ahead and figure out the options for a life with currently compromised mobility.  This takes time and I am taking that time. Yes, I am thinking about that while I still drive my car, enjoy my own home, and delight in many community activities.  It’s a process, this preparing the another phase of life, and I’m in the middle of it. Continue reading