Count the clouds

simple taskI’m owning up.  With Time for You, I have clearly set myself up to teach what I still need to learn, and occasionally I get a tough reminder of that. In this case, it is the feeling of being constitutionally run down––reasons and excuses being unimportant. Suffice it to say that my recovering self tends to use up my available energy, instead of filling my tank for continued healing.  Deep rest is required and the time dedicated to it needs to be a priority.  I need to take time for me–to do not too much at all. Continue reading

Installing the Voice of Choice: Four Suggestions

How about those voices inside our heads?  The voices that say we are not good enough, we are not thin enough, we are not smart enough, we are not outgoing enough, we are not…well basically up to the task and we are imposters.  We all have those voices and they seem to come out in force at any new challenge.

A client once asked me how to get rid of these debilitating, unhelpful voices.  Continue reading