Take Time For You


In my very first post on this site, I want to issue the challenge that has been mine and is also (maybe) yours:  “Take time for you.” “Make a little more space for yourself in your life.”   The desire is oft expressed. The need and the frustration from busy lives is felt. As I once did, you may find you need to challenge your sense of deservedness to make space for yourself.

There are many ways to take a moment for yourselves; whether you to sit by your window, look out at the snowy landscape, read a book you’ve been waiting to read, tell the kids not to bother you while you are lying down, go off to the gym because you need a healthy break, take a walk, write some poetry, make a cup of tea for slow sipping, or just sit and do nothing.

After we get used to just “taking time” for ourselves and deserving to put ourselves first, we have some space to contemplate our lives in terms of gaining clarity, making choices and taking action.

Clarity: Here is some of what I am missing/wanting in my life…

Choice: These are ways I choose to fulfill that desire…

Action:  This is what I will actually DO and when I will do it…

At Time for You, we’re all about peeling back your frustration and confusion and revealing your own clarity.  We’re about helping you choose a path forward. And we’re about helping you take action now, in big or small steps – supporting you with a gentle nudge, or a caring kick in the pants to do what you say you want to do, no matter how long you’ve been avoiding or denying your own needs and desires.

As your coach, mentor, guide, elder, and partner,  I hold the belief that you can have, and can do, more of what matters to you.  You can accomplish what you’ve always wanted.  I believe in you and support you as you learn to believe that, too.

Welcome to Time for You and to the life you want and deserve.

Martha Johnson