Over 60? Take time for “life” planning (2)

Personally, I’m neither old-old, critically ill, nor planning to die anytime soon. I’m still eagerly engaged in teaching projects that give me great satisfaction.

However,  the recent unexpected death of my younger brother brought things into focus. His unanticipated demise  gave my siblings and I a close look at the end of life practicalities, and how we can prepare a bit better for our own passings. His demise also happened to converge with the crescendo of interest in, and information about, this “new” wrinkle in “life” planning. Continue reading

Over 60? Take time for “life” planning (1)

For those of us over 60, the traditional notion of taking time for “life” planning has an added wrinkle. Yes, we still need to pay attention to engaging usefully and meaningfully in the world–perhaps even doing what we love while we have energy and interest. Yes, we still need to maintain our health and manage our financial security. Yes, we need to reflect on how we might manifest the many other elements that fulfill our own definitions of life satisfaction.  But for those over 60,  for whom a glimpse of mortality has entered the realm of the ponderables, there’s something more for which to plan.  We need to plan for life quality and care at our inevitable ends, just as thoughtfully as for all of the rest of what we want.

And so, recently, I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon learning more about this new wrinkle to the notion of “life” planning. Continue reading