Take Time to Muse

I’ve been doing a lot of “musing” these days, as many markers of life significance have converged within the space of these two short weeks at the end of January and the beginning of February, 2014.    Musing and writing along the way is how I both comfort myself and make sense of things. It’s a time for mental wandering, pondering, and contemplating which brings me both solace and clarity.

“All who wander are not lost.”      J.R.R. Tolkien

 Check out my recent musings on life.  See if they encourage you to take the time to note what’s newly showing up in your life and work that might warrant some pondering and mental wandering of your own.

Ponder the Preparation for a “Win”

I missed the Super Bowl.  Not a football fan, I wasn’t devastated, but I always like to participate in the event and be a part of the conversation during the annual phenomenon.  So I went to the internet to see what I could find.  I caught a pre-game interview with Pete Carroll, the coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He looked relaxed.  He talked about how his men had prepared, how they were confident and practiced, and how they were ready to keep Peyton Manning off his game.  There was something about his manner in taking and answering questions that felt unusual and magnetic.  I wanted to learn more about him.

The information I sought came from an unexpected source. With snow storms blistering around us in New England, there’s plenty of time to read blogs.  My friend Tom Kelley, of Open, Deep and True,  was right there in my inbox. The Seahawks, with the guidance of this unique coach/mentor Pete Carroll,  had taken a very unusual route to their huge victory. I refer you to Tom’s blog and to the lengthy New York Times article he cites. 

Let the description of  the Seahawk’s preparation for the handy victory they demonstrated, enrich our own thinking.  It may prompt taking the time to ponder our own preparations for the ways we want to win in life and work.

It’s certainly making me think about ways to do a better job on my healing journey.

Thanks, Tom, for your serendipitous contribution to my day, and for satisfying my curiosity of the moment.

Is it time to try something new?

I met JoElla in the YMCA gym’s locker room. The woman has a passion for hair, and while I was sitting under the dryer after a swim, she started playing with mine.  It felt good.

what she had to work with

what she had to work with

Although JoElla did not work in a salon, and never had, her obvious gift was “hair.” I watched.  I had never seen an an Afro American stylist braid another Afro American’s hair.  It was fast, fascinating and the result was beautiful.  She seemed to be enamored of these braids she was creating for others and offered to do create a “do” for me.

It took me two weeks and several interactions and invitations jokingly offered in the locker room, before I said:  “What the heck?  Why don’t I do something different?”  OK.  Fun and done.

the result

the result

I was surprised at the positive reactions around me to the result of the French braiding she quickly managed to accomplish with my hair.  Clearly not my style, but tremendously exciting to try something, and wear something, far out of my comfort zone.  I still feel the joy, and the pleasure, of playing with this woman who had such fun with my hair.


Is it time for you to play around a bit and try something new for yourself?

Is it time for you to have more fun offering your gift to others?