Take time to be more YOU

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.                                         ~~Joseph Campbell

We’re used to it by now. The “resolutions” made and broken to be a better, different, person during the first several months of any year are legion. Regulars at the gym, finding the place more crowded in January, wish for March when the crowd will have significantly diminished.

However, the words “RESOLVE” and “INTEND” seem to me to have more force and come from a deeper place. Try an experiment by sitting with and completing the phrases:   “This is who I really am.”  Therefore “I resolve… because….” .  “I intend…because…” And when you get to that deep place where the possibility of a commitment resides, create a time for the activity that supports your resolve.

It’s not easy.  Personally, I’m having a tough time making sure I set aside time for exercise  on a daily basis.   I don’t particularly want to do these exercises, although I admit that once I start, I’m ok.  But I do want to be stronger and more able to be active in the world.  Duh…

Some times I have to repeat my own logic to myself, especially when I find myself giving in to the easier path and preferring to sit on the couch.

Who I really am is energetic, curious, and active.  Since I want to be my strong and flexible self with plenty of stamina, my exercises are essential. So my intention is to start with something simple every day.   It’s a part of ultimately being the best ME  I can be, and functioning at the highest level I can.

What you do want for the you that is YOU? 

And what time will you devote to it?  

Your choice!

Happy New Year!

Time is a gift…

Happy Holidays

CIMG0686 exmass

 I wish you the balance of giving and receiving “time” in what are this holiday season’s chaotic days filled with family and friends.  I was reminded at breakfast, this Christmas morning, when I invited a woman to join me.   She said:  “No, I need to sit by myself this morning.  I need some ‘alone time’, so I’ll be ready when my guests arise.”

Time is an amazing gift to give to others.

During this holiday season,often accompanied by our worries about finding the “right” gift, may we remember that perhaps the best “right” gift we have to give is our time.  For conversations unencumbered by awareness of the “next thing to do.”  For needed errands, giving parents a break by taking children on an adventure, visits to elderly relatives, listening to someone who needs to talk, for quiet, for perspective gathering, for doing only what one wants, for simply hanging out and “being,” alone or together.

Like my friend this morning who graciously refused my company at breakfast, time is also a gift you can choose to give to yourself.

As the introvert I am, I am reminded that I can give none of these gifts of time to another, until I have first given them to myself.

Take Time for Friends

The year 2013 goes down in history as containing the best Thanksgiving weekend ever. I was joined by my dear friend, Evelyn McEwan, who had flown up up from Maryland to spend 4 full days “hanging out,”  not something I do easily.

We’ve been friends for 37 years. For the last 13 of those we’ve lived in different parts of the country. It had been a year since we had seen each other.

CIMG0666 M& EI felt wonderful during this entire visit and concluded a few things about the importance of spending time with people you consider dear, close, friends:

Friends help you relax.  Friends are those to whom you can bare your soul.  Friends help you maintain perspective .  Friends share your hopes, and tell you the truths you may not want to hear.  Friends can listen to just about anything.  With friends you are free to be you.

It was a wonderful four days.  A real respite. Another  reason to be grateful.

May this Holiday Season offer you many opportunities to be with good friends for mutually enriching activities and important conversations.