Take time to listen to yourself…

…about what really matters to you.  It’s “the driver” you need in order to be able to craft a life that has meaning for you.  Perhaps even, it’s your reason for being here on the planet.

Sometimes it requires taking time out to stimulate your own reflections about what’s important, by first listening to others talk about what matters to them.

Recently I was both honored and delighted  to orchestrate and moderate an event which provided just that opportunity, for those new to business and and those established business women who “took the time” for an enriching conversation.  Free, and sponsored by the Women Business Owner Alliance at a public library in Agawam, MA, we featured five solo entrepreneurs, talking about how they chose, landed in, found themselves in a business activity that mattered to them, and the lessons they learned in getting there.

It was clear in each of their presentations, that the road to business is not straight. Continue reading

Take time to deal with your “issues”

We all have “issues.”  Things that either happen to us, or that we have brought on ourselves. The distinction is rarely a black and white matter. Whatever the “issue” we can feel sad, stressed out, or impatient. We struggle.  There are things that we have postponed addressing, like our aging and our mortality.  There are other situations with which we have lived for far too long, like unhealthy habits,  poor relationships, or career frustration.  When these issues have been around for a long time, they become sort of “frenemies”.  They are part of how we experience our daily life and they seem too hard, too complicated, or just not high enough on the priority list to prompt working on a change.

However, the day comes when we are willing to “see”  that our lives are not as full, as satisfying, as fun as we’d like. We become aware that our “issues” are sucking away our joy and our  health.  And one day we may decide…  Continue reading

Take time to honor the “live ones”

I’m talking about noticing and honoring the people in your life that exude joy and pleasure, like Wayne.  Today for some reason I thought about him.  While I no longer own the conservation meadow land  through which I used to enjoy riding my antique mower, I am missing the presence of Wayne, my more or less retired, obsessed with old lawn mowers, repair guy. He loved to visit my ancient Wheelhorse mower, his favorite brand, one that served my father and the former destination Johnson Christmas Tree Farm in South Hadley, MA.  According to Wayne, that Wheelhorse was one of those “they don’t make ’em like that used to”  machines.  He took great pride in making her “sing.”

Recently, the new owners of my property, who inherited the Wheelhorse and her caretaker Wayne, reported to me that he seemed to have a personal connection with “his old girl.” He still loves taking care of her and keeping her in service.   Hearing that his pleasure with what he does is palpably being shared with the next generation of owners made me smile.

Consider this a reminder to honor and enjoy the “live ones” that are still in your life.  They inhabit all kinds of trades and professions.  Do it soon.  I’m not sure they are still making those old repair guys like they used to.

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