Time for Buddy Holly

One of the things I now notice I am taking time for is nourishing myself with things I have wanted to do for a long while.  The Majestic Theatre‘s local production of The Buddy Holly Story was one of those things.  After inaugurating the opening of the Majestic 15 years ago, this show has been revived several times to enthusiastic and lengthy runs. Each previous time, I thought, “I just don’t have the energy.”   This time I said:  “I’m going!” Even better, a friend went with me.

I was in college when he died 52 years ago. I was not so much part of the rock and roll culture back then, but his songs are still amazing and still occupy a pleasant place in my memory bank.  The show touched me in so many ways, the memories, the music, the talent on stage– a cast of over 20 gifted actors and musicians (most local) in various roles—clearly doing what they love to do.  The energy was palpable.  I stayed up late just relishing how much fun it was and how good I felt.

And YES, I’m noticing what I’m taking time to do; more things that nourish me, more reaching out to people from my past that were important to me, more following more of my natural flow of energy, and loving every minute of it.

Buddy Holly was one of  those who was too stubborn not to do what he loved, in spite of initial disappointments, frustrations and commercial pressure.  It’s no secret to any visitor to my websites that I am continually intrigued by those who dare to walk their own path in the world no matter what. More than a half century ago,  this young man created something that will never be forgotten.  In his short life, he managed to insist on playing the music that was within him.  It is being with these people living, as well as recalling those passed on,  that still inspire and nourish me.

What is within you that must be shared?  What nourishes you?  What inspires you?  Are you finding and taking the time to allow these needs to be met?