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Is it time to evaluate what’s now calling to you for your life on the planet? 

With me you can pause to “take stock” of where you are and where you want to go. Awareness and clarity are what give you a good start. Contact me, preferably by email.   Simply let me know that you want to explore the possibility of taking some time for yourself, and what led you to me.

If you are confused, don’t be embarrassed. 

It’s safe to admit that facing your elder years seems a daunting challenge. A transition is underway. Your priorities may be  unclear, confusion may reign, and you have no map.  A pause to give yourself a gift of “time” to reflect, may be just what you need.0192

 This work is not done easily alone.

There are very good reasons for confusion in a world where work and retirement options are changing so fast.   How will you spend your remaining years?   You may have had no model in your family for living a life true to you, nor for making discussible the options for your further-out fourth chapter years. Or, you have some inklings about what you are wanting and want someone to talk to who will help you take it seriously enough to move it along.

That’s why taking this “time for you” with someone who’s been on this path is essential. I look forward to helping you get clear about your “wants”, your “here”, your “there” and your “how”.  With that, we have the beginnings of a map. And then we can proceed.

Your email prompts an initial discovery conversation which will allow us to name your needs and your desires for outcomes (the first task of clarity), and assess whether there is a match between what you seek and what I can assist you to find.

I look forward to hearing from you…

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