Count the clouds

simple taskI’m owning up.  With Time for You, I have clearly set myself up to teach what I still need to learn, and occasionally I get a tough reminder of that. In this case, it is the feeling of being constitutionally run down––reasons and excuses being unimportant. Suffice it to say that my recovering self tends to use up my available energy, instead of filling my tank for continued healing.  Deep rest is required and the time dedicated to it needs to be a priority.  I need to take time for me–to do not too much at all.

Years ago when something similar occurred, a thoughtful therapist said to me:  “My prescription for you is to go out for an hour each weekend day, lie or sit in the park and count flower petals.”  I decided instead to count the clouds and I followed her prescription for many weeks.

Today, I was reminded of that period of my life 30 years ago,  and decided to revisit the practice.  The clouds cooperated by giving me a rather simple counting task.  Breathing, napping, enjoying nature is really restorative.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

Each of us, at different times during days or weeks or months, may be faced with different needs to take time for self. Perhaps you are aware of a nagging desire to retreat and reflect and replenish, or rejoice, rejuvenate,  reconnect,  run, rabble-rouse, read, relax, or just rest.  My need right now is the latter.  What’s yours?  Take it seriously. It matters that you listen for your needs, perhaps public them,  and do your best to meet them.

Set your intention.

Mean it

Create time for it

Allow it

Enjoy it.

So be it.