Listen to Yourself

When you decide you are ready to create the life you want, you’ll need to take the time to Stop, Ask, and Listen to yourself. 

Although you are the one with the answers you seek, you may not have carved out the time, or asked the most usefully provocative questions, or know what you don’t know. In addition, you may be boxed in by a limited sense, generally invisible to you,  of your own possibilities. That’s part of the reason for the explosion of life coaching over the last 15 years. Changing one’s life is not so easy to do alone.

Nevertheless, there are ways to prime your own pump on your own.  

A great start is getting a copy of my book, Why Not Do What You Love?  It includes plenty of questions and suggests time to sit and reflect on the issues raised.  

Another way to prime your pump is to look around for, and join up with,  Meet Up With,  people in your community who are discussing these topics.  

Finally, insist on carving out the time to sit and reflect on a few basic questions.   Build the habit of being with yourself, and listening to your Self––your own best resource.    The point is…you can illuminate your own clarity about what you are feeling, needing and wanting by taking time with yourself.  

 I encourage you to get in the habit of carving out time to listen to, and honor, your own thinking.   Enjoy inviting forward the wisdom of your deeper Self.

Establish a practice

DSCF0399Here’s a suggestion for a 20 minute practice to be done every day for the next 7, 14, or 21 days. Sit in a place comfortable and quiet.  If you need to “do” absolutely nothing, give yourself permission to do so.  Gather your thoughts.  Perhaps in a journal.  Here are some starter questions.  Or, list the questions that are surfacing for you.   Above all, relax and have fun. This time is just for you. 

1. When I am happiest, what am I doing?

The point here is to think about your gifts. Include your passions, whatever fills you, whatever moves you, whatever affirms you, wherever you are naturally skillful and productive.   Review your whole life, in school, as a volunteer, your paid positions. Bask in enjoyment of what has made, and does make, your life sing. Get as specific as you can about the unique life affirming natural talents that you exercise wherever you find yourself.

2. Where are my opportunities to do more of it?

Think about your present and your future. Dream. Look around at the world, and see what needs call forth your passion, time, and energy. Censor nothing.  Each idea contains a useful nugget and deserves air time. In what situations might doing more of what you do best, make a real contribution to others? And finally…

3. What would it take for me to dare to embrace my uniqueness in a world that is surely hungry for my gifts? What support do I need?

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