What’s my life?

Take Time to Review your life!

You are the expert on your own life.  So why not listen to what you have to say?

Before you start thinking about the future, why not talk with yourself about where you’ve been.  What has been your  life journey?  What are the formative events that got you where you are today?

Life Review can be a time consuming, deeply reflective,  and illuminating, activity.   Do it over a period of days and weeks.   “Why?” you might ask.

Well, if you are contemplating the creation of your future, sometimes the information about the parts of you wanting or needing nourishment and attention lies in the past.  Regrets may surface during a life review, regrets that you would prefer not to die with. The discovery and acknowledgement  of your very unique gifts, performed in a variety of ways over your lifetime, can be illuminated when you  reviewing your past. Hopes and dreams you once put on the shelf, may be ripe for engagement in the years ahead.  

Go for the richness of it all.  Your life models  and teachers,  and the things you most love to do.   Take notes decade by decade in a way you can revisit them and cull out perspectives and patterns.  Don’t burden yourself thinking what you will do with your notes from this life review exercise. Just have fun gathering all the data you can remember.  Engage with an open mind and see what you learn from this life that is yours.

Most important, have fun.  Ask siblings with elephantine memories to refresh yours.  Allow unpleasant occurrences from your life story to reveal their unexpected gifts with the perspective of hindsight.

Here’s a template: Life Line XYZ