Just to be clear

In early 2015, I downsized my life and narrowed my personal and professional focus. Any previous take time for you posts from 2010 to 2014 remain alive and well here at Blog Archives.  Who knows when I might want to unearth my past? Since 2015,  my occasional ruminations about living fully, dying well, and whatever else matters, from the perspective of a woman approaching 80, reside at my current home,  meetmarthajohnson.com

Take Time to Make Things Easier

I’m cleaning off my computer.   And there’s a picture that’s been sitting too long on my desk top, awaiting a home.  Today’s the day. It’s going here!

make the target easier

make the target easier

Ends of year for me are the wonderfully slower times.  I get to do more sorting, more thinking, become more resolute about things in my life.  Today it was “how can I make things easier?”

One way is to not get tied up with too many big goals, as I frequently do.  Break my targets down so that they are more achievable and less daunting.  This wonderfully enlarged “golf for beginners” made me smile.  Martha, it’s OK to make some of your targets easier.  It’s ok to relieve the pressure.

Paradoxical I know.  Challenges are fun and I don’t want to compromise the targets I hold as important no matter how daunting they may seem. But that’s a topic for another day.

Today, what can I make easier?  and more manageable?

How about you?


Take time to get clear and go for it!

This past month I, at first reluctantly, agreed to an opportunity to enter the blogtalkradio world and be interviewed.  Despite feeling as if I was still barely emerging from a major life transition…not ready…without the track record for the new stuff I intend to create, my 75-year old professional self decided that my remaining years demand that I move forward not backward.  Sooooo,  I did not surrender to my hesitancies. Continue reading