When you decide to create the life you want…


In this “take stock” consultation, generally consisting of three 2-hour conversations with me, you can probe for the callings that reside within you.  And you will be heard.  The result is a tentative road map which launches clarity and options for navigating your continuing life journey.

Making sense of, and refreshing, your ongoing life takes time and support. It’s not so easy to do alone.  As witness, guide, encourager, sounding board, and mentor, I see who you are and affirm your courage to live consciously true to yourself.

I commit to guide and support your work in partnership.  Together, we determine the process.

Your most important guarantors for the results you want are:

Your bedrock intention to live the life you really want in your elder years, all the way to the end.

Your willingness to invest the time, energy and resources to actually enter into a process of reflection and lifestyle choices that can clear the way for, and deliver, the results you most care about.

Your commitment to go for it and stay the course.

As your partner and journey guide, my perspectives are formed by a life of seeking and finding and doing my best to learn from whatever happens.   I’m a 80-year old, twice divorced, happily single, MS survivor.  I am walker dependent.  I bring a lifetime of skills as a former manager, leader coach,  small business owner, and facilitator of transition and change.  I’m also a downsized resident of an independent senior community.  I feel honored to help orchestrate essential “next chapter conversations”  with those who are also creative seekers of purpose and meaning.   I am dedicated to supporting you to gain the freedom to create and live a regret-free life.


Frequent feedback:  “You get me! With you, I can dare to say what’s so and get moving on it!

“Eighteen months later, I am continuing to appreciate the value in all the work we did together to help me navigate successfully into my next chapter life and work. More and more I see my new life emerge as I let go of the old.”   Gail B. Vienna VA.

You make it look easy, not scary, and you really have a special way about you.  Elaine Chittenden, Northampton, MA.  A participant in a year long series of group explorations and support for fourth chapter work.


ONE MORE THING: I have discovered myself as a life journey author and artist.  Check out  Why Not Do What You Love?  (the 2017 edition is the latest version and most recommended).  Musings Along the Way, Volumes I and II.    More offerings are in the works, Simple Legacies, and  Breaking Open and Coming Home: One Woman’s Journey to Health, Happiness, and Wholeness.