Start small

I recently gave a presentation at the local library on the topic of my book, Why Not Do What You Love? .   From the conversations and questions that result, I often find myself feeling compelled to underscore one point or another.  On this occasion it was the importance of taking time, in very simple ways.  When you are searching for “what’s next”, it is easy to get overwhelmed.   When you have been let go of your job, your friends are telling you that you have many more skills and talents than you have ever realized, and you are still in shock about the change you’ve got to deal with, what do you do next?

It’s a counterintuitive move, but perhaps you need to stop, rest, ponder.   I’ll provide three simple suggestions with which  you can focus your time with yourself.  Feel free to modify them and make them your own.  Craft the intention to suit what you seek right now and adjust what you’d like to notice.

  1. Create one intention:  I’d like to understand which of my talents give me most pleasure  (and I may need other eyes to help me see when and where I actually light up.)
  2. Become a witness of yourself in the moment or after the fact:  What is giving me pleasure?  What of my gifts most serves other people?
  3. Walk in nature and let the natural world provide space to hear yourself:  In other words, declutter your mind, and let your intuition speak.

Start small. Take time.  Get grounded in who you really are and what you really like.  Breathe deeply.