Just take time…

CIMG1059earthSometimes in order to give ourselves time to recover, rest, relax, reflect, we have to simply get out of town.  I did just that last Sunday. Drove an hour away to spend the day in nature, allowing the peace and the reflection with a few old and new friends, to simply refresh and renew my spirit. Earthlands in Petersham, MA and American Shaman Cathy Pedevillano fostered an energetic space for a wonderfully healing day.

When you need to STOP! and are having trouble doing so, get in the car, and just get out of town. Even if it means going to a local great view and doing nothing but breathing deeply and soaking in the beauty.

Allow yourself to deserve a serious pause…

CIMG1065 earth

Now, why is it I have to keep reminding MYSELF to do this?


Take time to listen

“To what?” you might ask.

“To Yourself!    To the whispering of your heart and soul.”


“Because you have the answers you seek.”

I know.  Twenty years ago, I was living the life of a stressed-out business owner in a difficult relationship.   Healthy, feeling “invulnerable,” and in my early 50s, I wasn’t listening to my own needs and my own whispering calls that something was not right.  In hindsight, the following words by Elizabeth Lesser in her 2005 book Broken Open so resonate with my own experience.

The soul always speaks, and sometimes it speaks the loudest when we block its flow; when we live only half of a life, when we stay on the surface.
If we don’t listen to the voice of the soul, it sings a stronger tune. If we don’t go looking for what lies beneath the surface of our lives, the soul comes looking for us.

Yes, it does.  My soul came looking for me with a 2 x 4. Continue reading

Take time to dance

I didn’t take my own advice!

And I regret it.

One of the few dreams I regret having postponed during my normal, 56 years of a physically active life, was ballroom dancing.  Because…at 57…illness struck …affecting my mobility in a significant way.

Now, I take time to watch others dance.

Dancing with the Stars is a favorite viewing pastime.  The current 2014 season features as one of the contestants, a paraOlympic bronze snowboarder, dancing with grace and agility, on two prosthetic legs.  A significant inspiration as to what’s possible.

Although “potential never gets old,” and my exercise plan is designed to reclaim a walkerless shuffle, for now it’s the watching others that  brings me great joy.  I couldn’t wait to share this incredible 3 minute video that arrived today.

Is there anything you are putting off?  

Might you want to reevaluate that choice?