Take time for hobbies

handmade button bracelet

Pauline modeling her handmade button bracelet

There are so many ways to enrich one’s life.

Those who have all-consuming hobbies are specialists at having fun, while taking very seriously the projects that fascinate them.

And, I find myself intrigued to learn about hobbies and passions I never imagined existed.   Like button collecting.

Pauline Reed and friends

Pauline Reed sharing her passion

My 92-year old friend, Pauline,  spent 50 years immersed in this hobby until diverted by age and the need to care for her ailing husband.  While she put the majority of her extensive collection up for auction several years ago,  she’s giving her neighbors a little glimpse into her former life by sharing some of her treasured remaining buttons at our monthly Conversation and Connection gathering.

Last month 94-year old John gave us a different glimpse into his 85 years of stamp collecting.  With eyesight and hearing failing, he said it was his ability to keeping playing with his stamp collection, attending the local meetings of his Stamp Club, and gifting his wood working projects,  which have kept him sane throughout his losses.

John and Pauline are great models.

buttons from Japan

Buttons from Japan

May we all take the time to pursue what captures our interest and what we have come to love.

It may end up being one of the enthusiasms, the activities, or even the memories,  that keep us going in later life.

What are your consuming interests?


PS.  I refer you a recent post containing my thoughts about exploring a new interest.