Take time to capture the memories

With the proliferation of hand held technology, iPhones, pinterest,  selfies and social media, it seems like our lives, particularly those of younger folks,  may be all about capturing moments, many they ultimately may not wish to remember.  However, the fact that those records reside somewhere in the “cloud,”  or in the archives of our computers, may end up as a serendipitous gift.

Seven years ago, I was playing with my new “flip video” hoping to begin to get acquainted with these emerging technologies. A family reunion seemed like a good place to practice. Now seven years later, at the death of my  brother, Bruce, who succumbed last month to complications of illness and aging, I am grateful that I captured a “moment.”  I unearthed a treasure–a 6 minute video of a man and his music, doing what he most loved, singing, playing his guitar, and entertaining others.

It occurred to me to start being a bit more conscious about moments  of this life ongoing I may want to not only revisit, but the memories I want to pass on to the next generation.

When his aging siblings and the younger generation gather for Bruce’s celebration of life in a few weeks, I’m putting my camera in my purse.