Take time to dance

I didn’t take my own advice!

And I regret it.

One of the few dreams I regret having postponed during my normal, 56 years of a physically active life, was ballroom dancing.  Because…at 57…illness struck …affecting my mobility in a significant way.

Now, I take time to watch others dance.

Dancing with the Stars is a favorite viewing pastime.  The current 2014 season features as one of the contestants, a paraOlympic bronze snowboarder, dancing with grace and agility, on two prosthetic legs.  A significant inspiration as to what’s possible.

Although “potential never gets old,” and my exercise plan is designed to reclaim a walkerless shuffle, for now it’s the watching others that  brings me great joy.  I couldn’t wait to share this incredible 3 minute video that arrived today.

Is there anything you are putting off?  

Might you want to reevaluate that choice?