Take time to get clear and go for it!

This past month I, at first reluctantly, agreed to an opportunity to enter the blogtalkradio world and be interviewed.  Despite feeling as if I was still barely emerging from a major life transition…not ready…without the track record for the new stuff I intend to create, my 75-year old professional self decided that my remaining years demand that I move forward not backward.  Sooooo,  I did not surrender to my hesitancies.

I girded my loins and joined the social media playground which I will now have to learn to use.  And today, with PBS interviewer Jim Masters, I shared some of my recent journey and the kind of rebirth and reclamation of life I am experiencing.  I revealed new commitments, and my new deeply felt mission, that of inviting accomplished women, over 60,  with pesky what now? questions to think through their entry into this, a third chapter of life.  I invited people to my umbrella website and to the books and newsletters.

My hope is that those of us who are entering, or in the middle of this new longevity that we have been granted, will recognize their need to think through and plan through what I’m discovering are our three primary tasks as elders:  to live fully, age gracefully, and die peacefully.  Because there are oh so many things to think about, I have in my mind’s eye a third chapter curriculum for what I’m calling Third Chapter Mastery.    I’ll be talking about it and writing about it and convening conversations about it, and coaching folks through it, in ways that are yet to be determined.  My remaining days will be in support of conscious third chapter living.

Enjoy the interview which will be archived for a year at blogtalkradio.   While I’m sure I will think of many ways to have improved this particular foray into the public domain (feedback welcome), the forced deadline of today’s interview really pushed me forward into yet more clarity.

Yes, get clear and go for it, and then, get more clear!