Take time to listen

“To what?” you might ask.

“To Yourself!    To the whispering of your heart and soul.”


“Because you have the answers you seek.”

I know.  Twenty years ago, I was living the life of a stressed-out business owner in a difficult relationship.   Healthy, feeling “invulnerable,” and in my early 50s, I wasn’t listening to my own needs and my own whispering calls that something was not right.  In hindsight, the following words by Elizabeth Lesser in her 2005 book Broken Open so resonate with my own experience.

The soul always speaks, and sometimes it speaks the loudest when we block its flow; when we live only half of a life, when we stay on the surface.
If we don’t listen to the voice of the soul, it sings a stronger tune. If we don’t go looking for what lies beneath the surface of our lives, the soul comes looking for us.

Yes, it does.  My soul came looking for me with a 2 x 4. It grabbed my attention with a life changing diagnosis, forcing me to STOP, TAKE TIME, LISTEN and SLOW DOWN.

About five years ago, one of my responses to my unwelcome condition was to “play” with a flip cam and create  SHORT VIDEOs  inviting myself and others to take time, in solitude, to listen. It was an amateurish endeavor, given the YouTube talent of today.  Nevertheless,  I offer you to opportunity to take 4 minutes to breathe and relax with it.  See if you can calm yourself that for that long without getting antsy. See what emerges.

Listening to yourself takes time. It is your choice to carve out that time, with whom, and where, and when. DSCF0399Some choose to meditate; some choose to run (where I used to get my best thoughts); some choose to walk in nature.

Others choose programs to help them reflect on matters that they’ve been pushing aside for far too long.

If you are one of those seeking to carve out time to listen to and reflect on the whispers you are hearing,  join me at one of our Upcoming Programs .

This is what nourishes me now:  Creating and facilitating conversations, that allow you to take the time to listen and ponder and speak about, what is important to you.  I seek to help you find what most nourishes you.

As Lily Tomlin quipped:   For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.