Take time to notice…

…the simple serendipity of an unexpected gift.

Today was terrific! As I was leaving the YMCA parking lot, I ran into the gentleman I had judged a year ago as morbidly obese and fairly unattractive. However, back then, in our conversations about his intentions, I managed to put those judgments aside because I am a sucker for anyone who seriously and successfully commits to goals that matter.

Today he looked amazing, approaching the image of an attractive man. He had lost 100 lbs. and was still going strong.

We started talking about what it took to make significant changes in life. As someone who in that exact moment, needed an attitude adjustment about my somewhat reluctant approach to necessary exercise, I found his motivating philosophy just what I needed to hear. He performed his weekly “movement regimen” at the Y. He had been successful at “nutrition modification”, and his “life style choices” of walking and drinking water were healthy ones. He noted that he had found the words “exercise” and “diet” imbued with so much negativity that he had crafted his own positive positive language to describe his activities. His mantra: “I followed today’s plan and I feel great about it.”

He had made extreme health his daily habit and went on with the rest of his life.

A five minute exchange.   A moment for which to be grateful!