Take time to talk

And I don’t mean chit-chat!  (Nothing against chit-chatting unless it is the only way you manage interactions in your life.)

What I am suggesting here is that we take time to talk about “the important,”  with those others who are hungry to do so as well.

The world of “the important” really opens up when we turn 60. Danger lurks when we don’t take the time to talk about how to age gracefully,  or how we want to live fully in the time we have left.  We burden spouses, siblings and children when we have not prepared for our final months, with the result that we may bequeath rifts among our precious children.

Yes,  my capacity for the chit-chat of life is limited;  to such an extent that years ago one of my self-inflicted growth challenges in the business world was to learn to master “water cooler behavior.”  My personality preference for “seriousworkerwoman” did not allow me easy entry into the gang of colleagues who had easier, more informal, relationships with each other.

However, here we are now.  And I, well past 60,  have probably 16 more years to work and play.  And then I’m done.  Acknowledging that reality is “important.”  It’s really important!   And I am very serious about allowing the remainder of my life to be fun and full and helping you do the same.

So, I get to invite “my tribe” to talk about this “important” with each other, and with me. We get to sort out how to live our lives as we age and how we can rediscover purpose and joy, if they happen to have gotten lost along the way.

If you’d like to take time to talk and think, and consider your future as a member of the cohort becoming generative elders, please check out the list of upcoming affordable opportunities in the local area to do just that.

It’s “important” to your health and your well-being.

And it’s fun!