Taking Time

I’ve come to conclude that life is about managing paradox.  Consider the admonition that we who typically play life in the  fast lane repeat to ourselves.  “I’m ‘trying so hard’  to slow down.”  Well, in my life, that juxtaposition has never worked.  Yes, the solution is clear, and Lily Tomlin made it clear:  “For fast acting relief, try slowing down.”  But the medicine is hard to swallow.

Taking time is about slowing down. I don’t pretend to have mastered it.  But naming it has really helped. And I have to keep naming it.  Here’s yet one more captured moment of epiphany.


My prescription to myself

to do more of nothing

Is not quite working.

Stress always manages to seep in

when I put “nothing” on the To Do list

and try to make sure I accomplish it.

P. 69, VOLUME II of Musing Along the Way