Taking Time–and being present

Today I found myself taking time with—my plumber.  Nice to pause and chat with a young man who obviously loves what he does,  is extremely good with his hands, and meticulous in his work. He comes from a family of siblings who have parents who do what they love, and who encourage the 5 siblings to follow their passions and interests, even if it means (gulp) foregoing college.  The plumber’s younger brother happens to be a self taught internet wunderkind, who built an international business by the time he was 16 and by age 21, this year, was featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine, among other under-30s.

Obviously it was easy to “take time” talking about a topic I love.

I must admit, I am not one who easily takes time just to “chat.”  So this “taking time” moment caught my attention and I reveled in the relaxation of having nowhere to go and nothing to do.  I could feel the quality in my body of just being present to this moment and to my companion. It felt good!  And it gave me an idea for my next blog on the topic of “do what you love” heritage.

Peace and quiet and no agenda and being present to “what is” as one flows through the day,  seem to provide not only pleasure and relaxation, but they create  pretty fertile ground for ideas.  I recommend it.

When are you, and your body,  aware of “taking time” even when you are doing something else?