Taking time once again

Today, I “took time” online.  My “working-on-line-persona” was suspended as  wandering and sauntering took me over.  I metaphorically meandered through Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, her blogs, her videos, her quotes.  What resulted was the inspiration to post a blog on a topic that addressed a frequent question of my clients. I would not have found the topic had I not paused for a moment, in an unexpected place, to visit one of Gretchen’s favorite bloggers.

There are quality websites which inspire contemplation, one of them being Rubin’s.  Another is Soul Pancake, and another is Carla Kimball’s photo posts.  Visiting these sites (if you like good questions as much as I do) is just about  as much fun as literally wandering outside, listening to your intuition, and stopping to ponder what’s important.

Today, as my gift for relaxing and simply following my nose on line, I was inspired—and able to effortlessly keep up with my relaxed schedule for communicating with my readers.

Where and when do you allow yourself to “take time” for pure enjoyment with no particular agenda?

And what serendipitous gifts do you receive from those moments?