The Ultimate “Take Time”

Taking time for oneself is really important.

How’s that for a simple and perhaps overdone truism?  But that’s the core message of this site and my practice.  You have the answers you seek, and they will find you. The prerequisites are your own clear intentions to have those answers and the quiet space that reflection provides in order to receive them. Creating the space for answers to come to you, likely means taking time to do not much of anything except listen to yourselves, to the wind, to your popping intuition, to your feelings and to your thoughts, and to your emptiness. Take a definite break from busyness and do nothing.

Apparently this desire and need for nothingness is gaining traction.  When I returned from 3 weeks away at retreat, with a resolve to take better care of myself through rest, an important message showed up serendipitously in my mail box.  “Do Nothing.” This challenge is not new to this perennial workaholic woman, and thus I always appreciate reminders.  In fact it is so not new to me, that I wrote a poem about it in the first volume of Musing Along the Way, initially published in 2002.


my prescription to my self to do more of nothing is not quite working…

stress always manages to seep in when I put “nothing” on the To Do list

and try to make sure I accomplish it.

Although on this site I provide you with some suggestions for getting started taking time for you by yourself,  I also refer you to the website that is carrying this idea in great style. Dare to take their “do nothing” challenge for two minutes.  Enjoy it. It’s only two minutes. Notice how you handle it.  Relax and learn.  Make space for yourself to listen to what’s within you.